B10 Series

Mobile APP connection instant printing. DIY customized printing

• B10 series mini printer, which is with small pocket size, can easily be taken along to anywhere at anytime. •It is DIY customized printing is able to print whatever you like. •Users can connect it with mobile through WIFI. •Then you will experience its simple operation and multiple languages support at the same time. •Max printing speed of B10 is up to 500mm/s. •which makes your work faster, smoother, and more spontaneous.

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  • Product model B10/B15( Black/White/Yellow ) Applicable to weak solvent ink cartridge, using WiFi to connect mobile app, realizing data transmission and jet printing
  • Cartridge color Weak solvents: Black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, invisible
  • APP Android, IOS
  • Display status Green indicates ready status; Blue indicates the print status; Red indicates alarm status
  • Spray printing content Text, number, symbol, two-dimensional code, bar code, picture, time, number, database, etc.
  • Printing accuracy 300dpi/600dpi
  • Language Chinese, English, German, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Persian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese (detailed by region)
  • Font height 2.5mm-12.7mm adjustable
  • Spray printing material Printing paper, wood board, carton, MDF, cotton cloth (water absorbent material) Stone, pipe, metal, plastic, aluminum foil, cable, etc. (non-absorbent material) It can also print in a narrow space with a height lower than 1.3 cm and a width greater than 3.6 cm
  • Jet printing font Vector font, dot matrix font
  • Font height 2.5 mm-12. 7mm
  • Spray printing distance 2-5mm (distance between nozzle and object)
  • Jet printing size 12.7*406mm
  • Jet printing speed 30m/min (max)
  • Cartridge capacity 42ml
  • Battery capacity 500mAH
  • Use ambient temperature 5-35 ℃
  • Use storage environment humidity 10%-80%
  • Number of lines printed Lines 1-5
  • Continuous printing time 2.5 hour
  • Printing area 12.7 mm × 500mm
  • Net weight of single unit 195g
  • Overall dimensions of single unit 110*90*40mm
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